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We represent the largest manufacturers in the industry, leaders in the IT Industry.

HP Inc.

HP Inc. is an American multinational information technology company that manufactures Computers, Notebooks, Printers, and other products.

HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise is an American multinational information technology company.


One of the strongest brands on the planet, Samsung makes it beautiful in your office or home office. Intuitive menus, use of the android operating system and integration with other branded devices.


Lexmark is a US company that manufactures printing equipment and supplies, as well as developing solutions that remove inefficiencies in the flow of information.


Quantum Corporation is a manufacturer of data storage devices and systems, including tape drives and disk-based systems.

Integra Optics

Integra Optics is an American technology company that manufactures network and telecom products. Focused mainly on the marketing of transceivers/gbics.


Lenovo is a Chinese multinational of technology.