Integra Optics

Tecpartes is the only premier authorized reseller of Integra Optics Brazil.

Our two companies have partnered together after realizing a market need to offer more compatible, industry-leading transceivers, and with faster delivery times.

Why the Partnership?

• Proven reliability and in-house identical coding for 50+ OEM platforms.

• Patented recoding technology.

• Custom builds beyond what the OEM can offer.

• Engineering talent and support readily available to help troubleshoot and provide assistance.

• Shorter lead times.

• Made in the USA.

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Product Catalog

Case Study: Stretching the limits and optimizing the uptime of a network

Case Study: Increasing Bandwidth with Fiber Restrictions

Case Study: Doubling the density and customizing passive solutions

Case Study: Network redesign with integrated migration plans

Case Study: Government - reducing data center expenses and designing investments

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